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Photo editing for Amtrak Cascades

Sometimes photos need a little touch-up. And other times they need the Kardashian treatment. When I received these photos for Amtrak Cascades’ Sounders campaign, I knew they required some serious retouching before we could use them in layout (surprisingly, “Brad Evans riding the train” doesn’t yield many stock photo search results). I fixed the lighting, removed distracting elements, performed color correction, added background imagery, and placed 20 subtle Portland Timbers references in each photo.

Magner Sanborn
Photo Editing

Tap around on image to see the before/after.

Move your cursor across the image to see the before/after.

  • Before-Sounders 1
    After-Sounders 1
    BeforeSounders 1After
  • Before-Amtrak 1
    After-Amtrak 1
    BeforeAmtrak 1After
  • Before-Sounders 2
    After-Sounders 2
    BeforeSounders 2After
  • Before-Amtrak 2
    After-Amtrak 2
    BeforeAmtrak 2After