Making Health Care Greener

Identity design for H-Source

Ever had a recipe that calls for 1 tbsp of an ingredient that you can only buy in bulk? And then the rest of it expires before you can even use it? Now imagine that those ingredients are surgical tools or $100 prescription pills. That’s the problem that H-Source aims to solve. They’re an online marketplace for hospitals to buy and sell medical products and equipment with each other. Rather than allowing products to expire before they can be used—resulting in tons of landfill waste—H-Source connects medical consumers and saves them potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue. My job was to develop a visual identity that positioned them as an innovative startup appealing to hospital administrators and tech investors alike.

Magner Sanborn
Identity Design
UI Design
Jeff Sanborn, Creative Director
Teresa Leighton, Account Executive
Marshall Moore, Developer

Identity Exploration

I knew there were certain category cues that we needed to leverage in the identity. It had to say “medical.” It had to feel fresh. And it probably needed to use an “H.” I went down a lot of different roads and eventually landed on an H-S monogram with a directional arrow that spoke to H-Source’s role as a connector.


Once the brand language was established, I brought the identity to life through various applications. Many medical brands have a very sterile and corporate aesthetic. This is what I wanted to avoid. The bright green and blue gradient became a key visual thread alongside the monogram, setting H-Source apart from a slew of bland and expected styles.