Dedicated to the Future You

Identity for Green River Community College

“Show, don’t tell.” It’s practically tattooed on every art director’s forearm. So when Green River Community College asked for an identity design that reinforced it’s mantra, “Dedicated to the Future You,” I put this guiding design principle in to action. Each brand touchpoint helps tell the story in a slightly different way: from leveraging the typographic symbol ellipsis (“to be continued…”) as a design element, to making the business cards into useful everyday tools. My favorite identities are the ones where every piece brings its own little surprise to the viewer while still remaining true to the overall strategy. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Magner Sanborn
Concept Development
Identity Design
Brian Piper, Creative Director


The first step was updating the GRCC logo. Leveraging a softer typeface and fresher color palette helped elevate the current brand to one befitting its own forward-thinking attitude.

The Concept

Green River Community College’s tagline is “Dedicated to the Future You.” So how do you tell this story through brand design? I started by using the ellipsis—visual shorthand for “to be continued”—as an elastic design element for the identity.


I wanted to take the concept a step further. Each piece of collateral in the brand identity reinforces “dedicated to the future you” in its own way. The business cards double as useful everyday tools. Arrows and ellipses always point towards the right. Even the brand language—with lines like “1963 Onwards” rather than the conventional “Established in 1963″—signifies that GRCC is committed to working towards the future. Every piece is a little different, but together they form a fresh and cohesive brand identity.