Banking on the Businesses

Website for AmericanWest Bank

Most bank websites are financial tools. But when AmericanWest Bank asked us to redefine their online experience, we realized that their website had to be much more than that. It needed to tell a story. A story about business owners: the dreamers, the builders, the doers. By centering the user experience around AmericanWest Bank’s commitment to helping business owners, we created a rich and informative online experience that served as a powerful recruitment tool for new customers. I worked with our creative director and interactive team to develop a comprehensive site flow and UI design that was named an official Honoree at the 2014 Webby Awards.

Magner Sanborn
UI Design
Jeff Sanborn, Creative Director
Alexa Lohmeyer, Developer
Dragan Rusnov, Solution Architect


We needed to revisit content and improve the current UX of the website. This involved analyzing the existing sitemap and implementing a new one, as well as designing the new set of wireframes for the entire site.


We decided that the main purpose of a bank website isn’t to be a financial tool. It’s to recruit new customers. So we built the experience around speaking to business owners—AmericanWest Bank’s key demographic—and telling them how this bank can help them achieve their goals.


The key differentiator between this and other bank sites is localization. The user experience would change slightly depending on location: photography would change by geographic location and related content would be customized based on search patterns and the user’s specific journey through the site.